Necktie Saturn V


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  • Saturn V Rocket men's necktie. ~ Make your wardrobe out of this world! As worn by astronauts Jim Lovell and Gene Cernan, AND Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
  • Fabric: Silky-soft microfiber.
  • Color: White on Charcoal Gray
  • Care: Hand wash, spot clean, or dry clean. Creases and folds? Gently iron medium.
  • Hand-printed in the USA.
  • The Saturn V was used by NASA's Apollo and Skylab programs from 1966 until 1973, thirteen were launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida with no loss of crew or payload. It remains the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful rocket ever brought to operational status and still holds the record for heaviest payload launched. To date, the Saturn V is the only launch vehicle to transport human beings beyond low Earth orbit. A total of 24 astronauts were launched to the Moon, three of them twice, in the four years spanning December 1968 through December 1972.