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  • As a microbiology undergrad entering her final semester at Texas A&M University, Vickie found she was missing a single one-hour credit in her elective studies. As she scanned through the list of approved options, a course in food microbiology caught her eye. Vickie didn’t know it then, but that seemingly simple decision would drastically change the course of her career—and life—from that moment forward.
  • Vickie Kloeris’s Space Bites: Reflections of a NASA Food Scientist takes readers through the many memorable moments of her career as she worked on both the Shuttle and International Space Station food systems. If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at what it’s like to assemble a sandwich in space, produce a space food breakfast for the cast of Apollo 13, or work side by side with astronauts as they prepare for the journey of a lifetime, you’re sure to learn something new with the turn of every page. A charming balance of technical knowledge and human experience, Vickie’s career memoir is a story for the scientist, space enthusiast, and spontaneous reader alike.