Robotime The Robot Da Vinci's Drawing Machine


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  • Collaborating with Robert Sabuda, the ROKR team has brought an invention of Da Vinci into being. It’s said that this prototype was probably the first programming robot ever in the world! This jointly-designed model series has three styles to choose from: the Robot, the Slayer and the Gambler. Each bears its own characteristic emblem.
  • Drawmaton is able to draw different artistic patterns by switching to corresponding gear disk. Crank the handle steadily and an art work comes out gradually under the mechanical robot arm. Put any drawing tool into the Robot's hand, place a piece of paper into the draw area, slowly turn the small gear knob and viola! The Robot draws a single line picture!
  • The machine is made only of wood and a few pieces of metal which come in a kit form for you to assemble and activate.
  • Da Vinci's Drawmaton is available in three different designs. Although the machine is actually an early type of computer we thought it would be fun for the first design to resemble a traditional robo