Geosafari GITD Solar System


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  • HANG A GLOWING PLANTATIRUM: 10 proportionally sized, glow-in-the-dark spheres assembles easily for ceiling suspension
  • INCLUDES: 1 Sun, 8 planets, 1 dwarf planet (Pluto), and 32' of clear plastic line for hanging. Also includes an activity guide packed with solar system facts. Largest piece (Sun) measures 4'' in diameter
  • GLOW IN THE DARK: Just hang the sun and planets from any ceiling, expose to light, then darken the room to create your own personal night sky planetarium
  • SUPPORT STEM LEARNING: Perfect for the classroom or at-home learning that will provide an enlightening introduction to astronomy
  • BACK TO SCHOOL or HOMESCHOOL ACTIVITY: Makes the perfect activity to keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning independently while in the classroom or being at home
  • Make a glowing planetarium! Ten proportionally sized, glow-in-the-dark spheres for hanging and a helpful guide will have you lost in space in no time.
  • Assembles easily for ceiling display with included hangers and 32' of clear plastic line
  • Perfect for the classroom or at-home learning. (You can even hang them from your bedroom ceiling.)
  • All pieces will glow in the dark after exposure to light
  • Guide includes activity ideas as well as fun solar system facts