Plush Venus


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  • Venus…is a smoldering hottie!
  • Venus has the highest surface temperature than any other planet in our Solar System due to thick clouds that trap in heat.
  • I’m so pretty, but: You can look, but you better not touch! Named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, I am the brightest object in the night sky (except the Moon). Earth is my twin in terms of size and it is closer to me than to any other Planet. But there our similarities end: I am the only planet to rotate backwards, and very slowly, so a day lasts longer than my year! Carbon dioxide makes me the hottest planet in the Solar System. I’m hot enough to melt lead!
  • Toy Information
  • - Height of toy seated is approximately 6 inches
  • - All New Materials
  • - Content: Polyester Fiber
  • -Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
  • - Hand Made in China
  • - Appropriate for children 3 years of age and up